A profitable way to run Forex Line EA Breakout Mode

Step 1

The last trade must not close in loss (Red). Make sure close in profit (Blue)

This is because the trade size will continue based on last trade results

If closing trade loss (Red) the trade size will be continued double the trade size

If the last trade loss please open the trade few minutes and close it on profitable trade (Blue)

The above procedure doesn’t require if trading using Template EA (Fixed lot size)

Step 2

Choose the suitable pair for running Forex Line EA Breakout mode

Before run or load the template make sure to check the range of Support and resistance.

If the range in between support & resistant still small then you can run the EA on the selected pair.

This Breakout EA not recommended to run without to ensure the range of support and resistant

Step 3

To run Forex Line EA breakout mode, just load the template on timeframe M15

Recommended EA template is for Asia session with double lot size. The others template is for London session. Why Asia session is recommended because the pips range of breakout line in between Support or resistant is small and the risk is less comparing London session but it close to Stop loss or closing point.

And Asia session template EA also recommended for breakeven news trading especially pair GBP.

Profit can be closed manually or input pip value and also can be closed automatically once the arrow come out.

Remember to run Forex Line EA only on recommended pairs

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